Monday, September 30, 2013

Perseverance Is A Key To Your Home Business

Perseverance is a big key to your home based business success. Building a home based business is not something that just happens overnight. It will take time. Remember Rome was not built overnight and neither will your home business.
Yes there are many companies out there claiming you can make a fortune overnight with them and to be frank, they are lying. There is no way you will earn a six figure income overnight with a home business. But it is possible to earn a six figure income in less than a year with a home business.
The main thing to remember is building a home business will require time and effort. Unfortunately, most people quit too soon to achieve business success. They expect the money to quickly come rushing in without having to put in any long term work hours or effort. Which is entirely false.
There is no home based business which just requires you to push a button daily and then relax, while the checks come rolling in. Yes once you build your business you can be amazed at you income. But that normally requires months of steady work and effort.
Running a home based business is not like having a job. Since you are the CEO of your business, everything you do affects you directly. If you only work 20 minutes a day at your business, don't expect to be successful. You get out, what you put into your business. And sometimes you may not see the results for months at a time.
I often tell new home based business owners that they should expect to be over worked and under paid in the beginning. But if they build their business right, they should end up being under worked and over paid. But you have to be willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, to get to that point.
Yes.... there is a price to pay in order to build a successful home based business. But it can be well worth the price if you do it correctly.
Best of health, wealth & happiness to you,
Reggie Cochran

Friday, September 27, 2013


TGIF! I bet most of you are thinking TGIF + Thank God It's Friday. Which is true but TGIF also has 3 other meanings to me...
Thank God I'm Forgiven, Thank God I'm Free & Thank God I'm Fit.
So... every time I hear or ready TGIF... I get 4 positive thoughts for 1 : ) 
I pray you have a great day and an even greater weekend.
Blessings, Reggie Cochran

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not Sure About Apples New iOS 7... then read on

Due to the speed technology changes, I find myself either getting behind on upgrades or continually looking for information that short cuts my learning process. And I know many of you are the same way.
For instance... I know many of you are aware that Apple just released their new iOS 7. And I know many of you fall into one of two categories.
You don't know what iOS 7 is.  Or... you have iOS 7 and don't really understand the new key benefits.
To help both list... here is a web page with simple to understand information on iOS 7.
Best of health, wealth & happiness to you, Reggie Cochran

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drummer Brendan Buckley & Breaking Arrows ROCK!!!!

To all my "Rocker" friends out there. Below is a video clip from a new group that ROCKS! This is one group worth keeping an eye on.
Their drummer is internationally known, award winning Brendan Buckley. Brendan is not only an AWESOME drummer, he is an AWESOME person who really appreciates his fans.
Like their facebook page and keep an eye on their tour schedule : )
Here is their official site link >
ROCK ON!..... Reggie Cochran

UN-conventional Wisdom?

Business / Marketing Guru Rich Shefren just shared the following on his facebook page and I thought it was well worth sharing with you as good food for thought.
Real success requires UN-conventional wisdom. It requires a radically different attitude where you believe...

1. It's better to leap before you look.
2. It's better to be sorry than safe.
3. It's better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission....
4. It's better to jump in the deep end, then learn to swim.

Because in the end, real success means doing, failing, doing some more, and failing some more until you succeed.

Don't believe me? Ask all the other multi-millionaire failures and they'll say the same. - Rich Schefren
Best of success, Reggie Cochran

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Official Chuck Norris Blog: Use your emotions to accomplish your goals.

The following is great words of wisdom from my mentor & friend.

The Official Chuck Norris Blog: Use your emotions to accomplish your goals.: Too many people let fear keep them from becoming more successful in life. They don't attempt new things because they fear wh...

Blessings, Reg

Monday, September 23, 2013

How Good Is Your Memory? Are You Sure?

Hi Team,
I just listened to this TED Talk that is real good "food for thought" concerning our memories.
It raises the question....  How much does our brain (memory) lie to us?
Here is the description for this video.....
"Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus studies memories. More precisely, she studies false memories, when people either remember things that didn't happen or remember them differently from the way they really were. It's more common than you might think, and Loftus shares some startling stories and statistics, and raises some important ethical questions we should all remember to consider.
Memory-manipulation expert Elizabeth Loftus explains how our memories might not be what they seem -- and how implanted memories can have real-life repercussions"
And here is the link....
Best of health, wealth & happiness, Reggie Cochran

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why You Need A Spirit Of Humility!

I just read a short blog post by John Maxwell that talks about the importance of having a spirit of humility.
In the article he list the following 4 ways to develop this type of humility:
  1. Don't think less of yourself, just think of yourself less.
  2. Allow yourself to fail, but know it's not the end of the world when you do.
  3. When mistakes are made, recognize the problem, solve it and move forward with new knowledge.
  4. Live with the mindset that there is always something to learn from everyone.
I recommend you take a few minutes to read the complete post & then see how it applies to you personally.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Run Away? Don't Run Away?

Running away from your problem does not help... unless your problem is being overweight. Then you need to run away more often. Run away from food. Run away from the couch etc. etc.
For most.. losing weight is simply a matter of moving more & eating less. Don't over complicate it!
Best of health, wealth & happiness, Reggie Cochran

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are You Cheating Yourself Out Benefits & Time?

If you are going to take the time to go to the gym, Make It Count! Remember.. if you waste time... you can't get it back. Besides, if you cheat your workout, you are only cheating yourself out of positive benefits. So.. you lose time and benefits. Not Smart on Your Part! : ) 
Photo: Leave it all in the gym.
Best of health, wealth & happiness, Reggie Cochran

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11-01 A Day To Remember!

Twelve years ago today, an event took place that still haunts many Americans.
My sincere prayers go out to everyone who lost friends and loved ones on that tragic day.
I also want to thank all our police, firefighters & military men & women who risk their lives to serve the citizens of our great country.
You are the real Heroes & Legends!
Best of peace, health, wealth & happiness, Reggie Cochran

Monday, September 9, 2013

Effective Ways to Deal with Day to Day Stress

Today's question is who isn't dealing with stress?
It seems as though everyone you know has some type of stress in their lives. Most families consist of two people who work along with a couple of children. Just the daily task of getting everyone up and out of the door each morning is stressful enough. Then on top of that you have to deal with your job, your boss and fellow co-workers. No wonder everybody is stressed out these days!

Once you arrive home in the evening your day doesn't stop. You are now faced with getting dinner, helping with homework and doing chores around the home. How can you possibly deal with all of this and keep your sanity?

One of the first things you can do to relieve stress is to prioritize things. This includes homework, after school activities and the housework. For example if you can leave the laundry and vacuuming until the weekend then do so. Then delegate these chores to all your family members. Even very young children can be given tasks to do such as putting away shoes in the closest and helping clean things up.

If your child has a ton of homework to do then see what needs to be done first. This will also allow you to help them reduce their own stress levels too. Do the homework which needs to be handed in first. This can also reduce the amount of homework that has to be done in one night. Look at just how many after school activities your children are participating in. If it is more than two things maybe it is time to cut back. This frees up both your child's time and your time.

Another important thing to help reduce stress is to make time for the family. Try to plan one evening a week where you do something as a family together. This could be make dinner together or sit and watch a movie or play some type of game. When it comes to sitting down and eating dinner make use of the time. Ask your kids and your spouse how their day went. This gives the person time to vent if necessary and allows you to discover if there are any potential problems lurking around the corner.
By making time for your family and being aware of what each member is dealing with you can help reduce family stress. Communication is essential and one of the best ways to deal with stress before it becomes a major problem.
Best of health, wealth & happiness.. Reggie Cochran

Saturday, September 7, 2013

AWESOME time at the Max International Convention

Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone at Max International who helped make the convention such an AWESOME success. It was a great time to catch up with old friends as well as make some new ones. Chuck, Gena & I are very excited about being part of the Max family & had fun sharing the stage with Steve & Shannon Scott.
Best of success to you... Reggie Cochran

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How Do You Run Your House And A Home Based Business?

A lot of people ponder whether a home based business is right for them or not. One reason many people never get started is that they do not believe they can run a home based business and a home and family at the same time. Running a successful home based business means that you should be able to be at home to take care of the things that you normally wouldn't be able to take care of, while also earning money from your business.
There are several potential pitfalls you should be aware of in order to run a successful home based business and home. There are several things that you can do to make this process much easier, and if you do it right, you should easily be able to run your home business as well as your home, with very little hassle.
Keep It Real
The first thing that you will need to do is to make time for your home business and to make time for your home as well. When you work from home it is very easy to simply work for days at a time. Since your business is at home it can be open 24 hours a day, especially if you are online. You might be tempted to take on other projects or orders or to do more so that you can make even more money. However, if you don't set limits for yourself, you'll find that you aren't able to run your home as well, at the same time
In order to avoid this problem, the first thing that you need to do is set realistic business hours. Look at the hours you want to work. Just like a regular office your home business should have office hours and hours when you are not available. It is simply too easy to work all of the time, even if you need the money. But keeping hours and making sure that you keep them regularly is a good way to make sure that you will also have time to run your home, as well as your home business.
Your Office Space
The other thing that you have to remember is that you are going to want to be sure that you have your own office space for your home business that is different than your actual home. Even if you devote a corner of your kitchen or living room to your home business, there should be an area that is only fit for your business, which will make it much easier for you to keep the two things separated. If you can keep your home and your home business apart, you'll have a much better chance of doing them both well.
Stay tuned for more tips on how to run your own successful home based business.
Best of success to you... Reggie Cochran

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Kind Of Habits Are Holding You Back?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle  
Yes... we are all creatures of habit. Some people just have better habits than others.
Want something different in your life, change your habits.
Want more money? Start creating more money getting habits.
Want to look & feel better? Create different exercise & eating habits.
Want to _____ ?  Then create different ______ habits.
 It's not Rocket Science :  )
Best of health, wealth & happiness to you... Reggie Cochran

Do You Take Responsibility for Your Financial Situation?

Probably your least favorite thing to do when you're in financial hot water is to fully accept responsibility for what's happened over the last few months or years. It's not so much about self-blame as it is about staying keenly aware of your finances so you can take action to protect yourself.
Perhaps you were laid off from your job or experienced a drop in your business due to the lagging economy. You might not have had much warning of what was about to happen to you financially. However - think of this: if you had been financially prepared for something like this, could your preparations have assuaged the negative impact of the crisis?
Recognize that you can take responsibility now to learn to live below your means, save for your future, and be diligent about how you spend money. In the meantime, it's wise to fully understand what your role was in getting to where you are today.
1. What happened; how did you get here? No, this step is not about kicking yourself. It is, however, about learning from your past experiences. How did you arrive at this place financially? Write down your answers to this question. Be very specific, thorough and brutally honest with yourself.
 * Maybe you opened every credit card account offered to you. You might have bought whatever you liked. Or you were trying to keep up with the Jones'. Did you want to impress friends?
* Developing financial habits like eating out several times a week, buying extravagant gifts, wearing expensive clothes, and feeling like you have to have every new gadget will sooner or later cause your financial life to take a dive, unless you're doing all this while still spending less than you earn.
* It's important to know the reasons for your financial condition so you won't repeat negative behaviors. You'll know what to correct and look out for in the future.
2. Have you consistently paid your bills on time? Recognize that paying your bills 100% of the time on time is very important. Why?
* Most creditors charge fees for late payments, so when you pay those fees, you're giving away money you could use elsewhere, not to mention your financial reputation is harmed by not paying bills when they're due.
3. How serious are you about changing? It's time to ask yourself, "Why haven't I done something to better my financial situation?" Once you face the answer to that question, you can then consider how serious you are about changing your financial habits
4.  Think positive about overhauling your financial condition. You have the power right now to change your financial situation. Believe it, because it's true. If you commit to making whatever changes are necessary, you'll discover a better financial life - the one you deserve.
Taking responsibility for your current situation will empower you to do something about it. It might hurt at first, but to correct an error, you must acknowledge it.
5.  Consider starting a home-based business. The average American spends over 35 hours a week watching television. That's almost the amount of hours of a full time job. So taking an hour or two a day, to build a home based business still leaves plenty of time to watch television. In fact... many home-based businesses can actually be built while watching television in the background if you just cant pull yourself away from it :  )
Reviewing how you got into this financial state, admitting late payments, being serious about changing, and thinking positively are all necessary in your quest to take responsibility for your financial condition. Then, sooner than you might imagine, you'll realize that now you're the driving force behind a bright, secure financial future.
Best of Success to you... Reggie Cochran

Monday, September 2, 2013

Richard Branson's 5 Secrets to Business Success

I just read a great short article from Entrepreneur where Richard Branson talks about 5 Secrets To Business Success.
#1 >  Enjoy What You Are Doing.
#2 >  Create Something That Stands Out.
#3 >  Create Something That Everybody Who Works for You is Really Proud of.
#4 >  Be a Good Leader
#5 >  Be Visible
I recommend you take a couple of minutes and read the complete article.
Best of Success to you... Reggie Cochran

Sunday, September 1, 2013

8 Tips To Increasing Your Energy

Many of us seem to live hectic, busy, over-scheduled lives. The idea that you can increase your energy by making a few simple changes to some behaviors or by adding some healthful choices and activities is quite attractive.
Revitalize yourself through making these simple additions and changes to your life:
1. Exercise 6 days a week. Even though the mention of exercise might make you think your schedule will be more cramped and you'll probably sap your energy doing it, facts are facts: Exercise kicks your energy up a notch.
* It can be a brisk 30-minute walk, bike ride, or jog. If you prefer, stop by your local health club and work out for an hour.
2. Eat your vegetables. Bump up your number of vegetable servings a day to 5 to 7. After the third or fourth day, you'll feel the difference.
3. Find your own ways to rejuvenate. Does snuggling up with a book for 30 minutes make your busy world fade and jump-start your energy so you can get through the day?
* Maybe doing some calisthenics for 15 minutes in your office with the door closed will work for you.
 * Try some simple stretches for creaky muscles to help you relax and re-energize.
* Whatever you discover brings you some quick energy, do it.
4. Rest your mind. What if you were to stare at your flower garden for 20 minutes or watch your 3-year-old dig in the sandbox?
* Let whatever thoughts vex you float off into the wild blue yonder and simply rest your mind.
* When you do, your psyche will be cleared out enough to re-load your schedule and tasks later on.
5. Breathe. Deep breathing has so many magical qualities. Everything that's going on in your body requires oxygen and your breathing process brings it in.
* When you take several moments to just breathe, you're subjectively stopping your world to imbibe in the sanctity of breathing.
* Try breathing in through your nose to the count of 4, holding it a couple of seconds, then exhaling through your mouth. Repeat 4 times.
* Perform this breathing exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You'll unlock new energy and feel better.
6. Pick up the free weights. Did you know weight-bearing exercises for the upper body can boost your energy reserves? Whether you use one-pound, two-pound, or five-pound weights, perform some upper arm exercises for about 15 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.
* As your muscles build, your energy will strengthen.
7. Mind your stress. Stress can be one of the biggest energy drains you'll experience. So, it's wise to do everything you can to successfully manage your stress. Many of the points listed above will help with stress.
* Keep your schedule under control by allowing free time between appointments and time to catch up in order to control the level of stress in your life.
* Talk with your friends when you feel stressed. Refrain from using substances like nicotine and alcohol, as they are some of the biggest energy zappers of all.
8. Perform self-care, physically and emotionally. How you treat yourself is intimately related to how you store energy. Positive thoughts keep you feeling safe, comfortable, and healthy. Your emotional and physical worlds share a strong connection.
You have the power to perform vital behaviors to pump up your energy. Boost your revitalizing powers by putting these steps into practice.
Best of health, wealth & happiness to you... Reggie Cochran